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Complacency Killed the Cat

Earlier this week marked the Autumnal Equinox. This is the moment when the Sun crosses the Equator, and those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere will begin to see more darkness than daylight.

This shift ushers in a wave of change; both in nature, but also in schedule, habits and mindset. One can focus on how it will get colder and darker earlier for many, or one can focus on the beauty of the transition and the positive polarity that it brings.

If we simply watch nature, we can understand our lives more accurately. Nature educates us how NOT to become complacent. Nature does not know complacency. The seasonality and all of the liminal space that it brings forth creates new life. Being complacent strangles growth and halts opportunities.

Whoever created the adage,”curiosity killed the cat” missed the mark with the opening word. More accurately, complacency killed the cat.

How have you been complacent in the past 90 days? With the final quarter of 2021 quickly approaching, I invite you to consider how you can become curious with your growth. Changes are occurring all around - do not become obsolete. How will you level up your skills, goals and action in the coming months to avoid becoming a falling leaf?

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