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I'm Just The Host

Recently I stopped by an Italian restaurant for lunch; best soup in town. It’s like penicillin for the soul. As I was the first guest to attend that day, the massive oak doors with framed timbered glass and bronze knotted handles were locked.

One more rattle got the attention of the young gentleman peering through the tints. He attempted to unlock the door, to no avail. He flagged me ten meters down the building to the other door.

At this time, I opted to dine al fresco and asked the young man for a bowl of the famous soup and a glass of water. He replied, “I’m just the host.” It was a simple request and an opportunity to take initiative.

How do you exhibit, “I’m just the host.” in your business? Your relationships? Your diet? More specifically, your attitude?

Who on your team exhibits this attitude?

Over the next week, look for this attitude in your life and the lives of the people around you. This attitude is always on society's menu…

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