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Getting Your Pool Noodles in a Row

As I was soaking in the sun, I was also soaking in the actions of my 3-year old son, Vincent. He was in the pool, attempting (almost to his detriment) to gather, hold, and connect three water noodles to create a "sip" ("ship" in toddler tongue). One noodle would easily have kept him afloat. Two noodles were gluttonous, but three actually had a reversing effect of benefit, as he was now frustrated and sprawled across three contorted water noodles. 

How many times have you found yourself contorted and sprawled around 3, 4 or even more issues of life that left you frustrated and fighting to stay afloat?

Have you ever considered that it may be an issue of looking too far ahead without paying attention to the ground below your feet? Vincent was so focused on the large picture and forgot to take the requisite steps prior that would easily allow successful and smooth building of his noodle ship. 

If you find yourself frustrated, or struggling to stay afloat, simply hit pause... then follow these steps:

1. Assess what is working in your life currently. (one noodle is keeping me afloat)

2. Create a plan to take next steps to acquire your vision. (two or three noodles for the ship)

3. Ask for help. (Dad, can you help me figure this out? I have tried too long unsuccessfully)

4. Implement the mentored plan for success. (Bring the three noodles to the shallow steps and build)

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