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This Too Shall Pass

I hope that this finds you and yours doing well physically; but equally, if not more importantly, doing well mentally and emotionally.

Crisis can be bring stress. But, if we are thinking accurately, crisis can also bring peace. The universe was made as a whole. I challenge you to find a ½ of anything that does not have an equal and opposite other half. Hot needs cold, light needs darkness, love needs hate, and sickness needs health. Everything has poles just on variances of degrees of the same thing. When trying times are upon us, planning with truth allows us to remain calm, operate from gratitude and understand that “this too shall pass.”

“Great, Ed! But what the hell is the truth?” The universal truth is growth. As barbers, salons and nail shops close as “arguable” non-essential business, this universal law will exhibit itself. Your hair and nails will grow. If we do not maintain landscaping in Florida, the lush tropics will overtake the concrete jungle. Naturally, everything grows until it ceases to exist in its beginning state…at which point it grows in a different form. When I boil a pot of water, it does not disappear, it changes form into steam.

If we hit pause on our lives today (on our own accord or by government mandate), we will be able to assess this axiom. Here is how:

Step 1 – Sit quietly, uninterrupted and with eyes closed. For 3 minutes, think and imagine all the blessing and things that you are grateful for.

Step 2 – Ask: How may I use this temporary circumstance in my life for growth?

Step 3 – Write a clear statement of the feelings, thoughts and ideas that the seeds of your mind offered for your future garden of growth.

If you, a family member or anyone that you know needs any help in these challenging times, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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