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The Struggle Is False

Have you ever heard, “the struggle is real” ? That catch phrase as an ironic saying to indicate the inconvenience of first world problems: No creamer for the coffee, a flat tire on your mercedez, etc.

Struggle is a deceptive word. By definition it means “a forceful or violent effort to get free of restraint or resist attack.” My hope is that you have never had to struggle physically. I am not speaking in the physical sense - how about the mental sense? Have you ever felt the desire to break free of restraint or resist the attack on your own mind?

Our thoughts and our mind, left to its natural stray, can create prisons within. We see the scale tipping 15 pounds over where we want to be. We see the bank account below where our mind wants it to be. We strain our eyes peering into others' perceived “perfect” lives, relationships and households.

But, in reality, the struggle is false. When we declare that we are willing to start the gym, save the money, open the marketing campaign, take responsibility for our relationships, YET do not change to make these things a reality - the mental struggle ensues….violently.

From where do you make your start? From the factual basis of past performance? If so, your struggle will be real. “I’m overweight, I always have been. I could never save and earn money. My awkwardness always disintegrates my relationships. I tried a marketing campaign once before, but it didn't pay off…”

Facts do not equal the truth. The truth is that guided action of accurate thoughts from where you want to be is how you make the struggle false.

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